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H-COM SOLUTIONS LTD   is an evolving and one of the fastest growing information and communication technology companies in Africa today. We offer integrated ICT solutions that add value to the operations of diverse clientele, using highly skilled and well-motivated workforce. We work with best-in-class partners, OEMs and technologies from all over the world.


H-COM.COM.NG is the online shop of the company.The company has provided the most cost effective products of wireless broadband networking equipment, two-way communications, telecommunications solutions, IP surveillance/security, VoIP, GPS and green technologies,computer systems,office consumables etc. Our products are designed by top-tier manufacturers specifically made for individuals and companies around the world

H-COM SOLUTIONS LTD comprise of four integrated divisions, each with expertise in one of our core competent areas; -Sales and distribution, Information Communication Infrastructures, Web and Application Software, Outsourcing and Consultancy.

H-COM SOLUTIONS LTD specializes in the supply, deployment and maintenance of Communication hardware and Software coupled with a world class outsourcing and consulting expertise.  We are deeply committed and focused to our short term vision of increasing our market share to 15% by the year 2015.



To maintain market leadership with a reliable brand name that ensures that our clients derive maximum value from IT investments.


To constantly drive consistent value Creation for all stakeholders (Clients, Shareholders, employees and the Society at large) by efficiently imploring strategies that improve performance.



To ensure sustainable and profitable long-term growth.

To provide a return on investment to shareholders.

To promote employee development.


We provide exceptional service and deliver outstanding result in projects. We are experienced in successfully applying new sessions, seminars, tradeshows, ideas, products and technologies to projects to ensure client’s satisfaction in functionality, economy and enhanced facility performance.



H-COM SOLUTIONS LTD, we believe quality is a culture and this is expressed in the way we interact and cater to the needs of clients and customers. We strive constantly to adhere to the highest standard of ethical business behavior and our reputation for adhering to these standards is one of our most valuable asset. Our core values are used as a touchstone for our day to day work.

Our emphasis on quality is reflected on the following policies;

1. Recognize and respect client’s right to receive products and services on time and within budget.

2. Endeavour to exceed client’s expectations of competence, performance, delivery schedule and value creation thus becoming their preferred choice for a repeat business.

3. Strive constantly to improve on our standards of quality, efficiency and productivity.

4. Achieve shared objectives in an atmosphere of fairness, integrity, dignity and courtesy towards clients, customers, employees and competitors.